Yep Racheal Chamochumbi Ripped Me off too!

Chico, California 3 comments
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A couple of years ago, I gave her over $1500 for designer jeans and she never delivered the jeans or refunded the money.She's a total scammer!!

I wish someone would nail her to the wall!!!

She had the balls to say that she will never get caught for this because people just get tierd of asking for their money back and they just go away.

She goes from site to site with a new name and a fancy set up and scams people over and over again.I know you read these Racheal, so just remember, what comes around goes around and you deserve everything that coming for you!

Review about: Designer Jeans.


Rypin, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland #25484

I know where she is email me at


For information

Rypin, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland #19636

I know where Rachael is right now and the police do too, contact me for information \

Lamont, California, United States #2696

you want to lacate Rachael i know were

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